Timbercon Fiber Optic Solutions for Every Application

Timbercon designs and assembles fiber optic and hybrid solutions to meet your exact application requirements. Check out the list below for just a sample of some of the exciting ways fiber optics helps shape the world we live in today!

Rugged Commercial Fiber Optic Products

Timbercon fiber optic products are used in a variety of applications requiring rigorous testing and harsh environment performance to ensure reliability and performance in the field. Timbercon utilizes high-reliability fiber...

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Fiber Optics for Space

Over the last several years, fiber optics have become increasingly popular in space environments as a medium of choice for a variety of applications. Fiber offers some distinct advantages over...

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Fiber Optics for Ship to Shore Connectivity

Fiber optics for ship to shore applications are designed to provide data, phone, and other services to docked ships via umbilical cable to landline connection. These connections allow high speed,...

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Fiber Optics for Education

Educational institutions are finding many ways to apply fiber optic technology on their campuses. From research and classroom applications to setting up networks to connect students, administrators, professors and researchers,...

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Fiber Optics for Institutions

Fiber optics for institutions represent a small but growing area of the market. With many of these organizations focusing on education, research and development, and testing, the need for advanced...

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Fiber Optic Imaging

Fiber optic imaging is used for a myriad of applications across several different industries. The concept of fiber optic imaging uses the optical transmission properties of fiber to transmit an...

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Data Transmission Fiber Optics

Data transmission fiber optics, simply put, is the sending and receiving of data from point-to-point via a network, thus the fundamental function of all fiber systems from small to large....

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CATV Fiber Optics

CATV (cable television) systems support multiple services including broadcast television, on-demand entertainment (video), and high-speed internet access. These services are supplied via a fiber optic network to an optical node,...

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HDTV (high definition television) is the broadcasting of a higher resolution format than possible with traditional analog television broadcasting. A form of digital television, HDTV is a very bandwidth intensive...

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Central Office

Central office, or head-end, is a hub or centrally located point in a service provider network at which a conglomerate signal is distributed to optical nodes in neighborhoods or premise...

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