Ribbon Fiber Cable Assemblies

Timbercon ribbon fiber cables offer a compact, efficient, and versatile solution to applications requiring maximum connectivity in a minimum amount of space. Based on single ferrule MT technology, these cable assemblies provide up to 72 fiber connections in a single point, reducing the physical space and labor requirement, while providing the same bandwidth capacity of a multi-fiber cable with individual fiber/connector terminations per fiber.

Timbercon ribbon fiber cables are used in many applications requiring multiple fibers from point to point and/or multiple fiber distribution from one point to several separate points.

The advantage of utilizing ribbon fiber cables resides in the ability to achieve a much higher density in patch panel, cable routing/ducting, and device connection environments, without compromising the quality or quantity of the connection.


  • MTP®, MPO, and Elite connector options
  • Standard and custom polishes
  • SM, MM, and MM laser optimized fiber types
  • 0dB – 24dB attenuation options
  • SC, LC, ST, FC, MT-RJ, and MU connector options (breakout style)
  • Bare ribbon, 2mm, 3mm, ruggedized, and custom jacketing options

Timbercon Ribbon Fiber Cables are available in MT to MT and MT distribution styles, with a multitude of options including fiber type, fiber count, jacket style, breakout length, connector type, and attenuation.

*MTP® is the registered trademark of US Conec Ltd.

ES 152 MT Visual Standards

Zone A: Area near the core < 25UM
Description Critical Zone
SM & Elite MM
Diameter 0 to 25Um 0 to 66Um
Allowable Defects (diameter)* defined as ‘permanent non-linear features’. Contamination/Pits etc. None 5 < 3UM
None > 3UM
Allowable Scratches None 5 < 3UM
None > 3Um
Zone B: Cladding Area
Description Cladding Zone
SM & Elite MM
Diameter 25 to 115Um 66 to 115Um
Allowable Defects (diameter) Any < 2UM
5 from 2-5 UM
None > 3UM
Any < 2UM
8 from 2-5 UM
None > 5UM
Allowable Scratches None > 3Um None > 3Um
Zone C: Adhesive Zone Zone D: Contact Diameter (Does not apply for MT)
Description Adhesive Zone Contact Zone
Diameter 115 to 130 Um 130 to 250 Um
Allowable Defects (diameter) Any Any
Allowable Scratches None > 10Um Any



  • Precision designed and manufactured MT connectors provide quality and durability
  • Standard and custom precision polishing guaranteed to meet or exceed application requirements and industry standards
  • Multiple fiber types allow product to ideally suit your application
  • Definable attenuation for improved performance with application specific requirements
  • Multiple breakout connectors eliminate the need for adapters
  • Jacketing options enable the physical size of the cable to be suited to your exact requirement


  • Equipment interconnect
  • High speed data transfer
  • Premise network
  • Carrier networks
  • Fiber management
  • Cassette module connections
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