RVCON Connectors

Timbercon is one of the only fiber optic companies in the world approved to terminate Ultracomm’s innovative Rugged Vertical Connector (RVCON). This ribbon fiber connector is built for harsh environments, and utilizes an expanded beam optical interface to give alignment tolerance at the connector interface.


  • Efficient coupling over a wide temperature range (-120 C to +100 C)
  • Compatible with multimode 50/62.5/100 micron core fiber
  • Compatible with single mode fiber (on the receiver side)
  • Compatible with wavelengths from 850 nm to 1650 nm


  • Stands up to harsh environments
  • Ribbonized fiber connector
  • Up to 12 fibers in a single termini


  • Harsh Environment
  • Military
  • Aerospace & Avionics
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Space
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