MIL Specialty

Glenair High Density (GHD)

Timbercon is pleased to offer a full range of new high-density fiber optic connectors based on Glenair’s new GHD connectors. Utilizing an innovative front release 1.25mm ceramic ferrule and 18 AWG termini, GHD improves on traditional D38999 and M29978 designs by adding fiber optic specific design elements that include: genderless termini, keyed termini for APC polish, removable alignment sleeve module for easy field cleaning, and environmental sealing via termini o-rings.

Available shell size/channel configurations:

11-4, 13-6, 15-16, 17-20, 19-30, 21-40, 23-52, & 25-70


Designed with the riggers of flight in mind, the new LuxCis family of genderless termini are a giant leap forward in terms of signal quality, flexibility, and cost effectiveness. Available in conjunction with either the D38999 or ARINC 801 style connectors, these rear-release termini are based on the industry standard 1.25mm ceramic ferrules used in the commercial LC. Other design advantages include: a termini based orientation key–providing both anti-rotation and true APC polish, a removable sleeve holder, and high cable retention/pull-proof design.

Call for shell size and channel count availability.

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Expanded Beam

For applications where traditional MIL termini based harsh environment connectors won’t suffice, Timbercon offers a range of Expanded Beam Hermaphroditic connectors. Expanded Beam connectors utilize a laser-shaped lens to direct the beam across two mated connectors. These connectors are designed for harsh applications where increased environmental contaminants may exist and rough handling is expected. Available in 1 to 8 channel configurations in both optical and opto-electrical configurations.

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