Fiber Optic Adapter Kits

Timbercon’s fiber optic adapter kits offer an ideal product for applications requiring cable-to-cable connections. Each kit incorporates standard and hybrid adapters for the most popular connector types including LC, SC, FC, ST, MU, MTRJ, and MTP®. Packaged in a durable and convenient compartmentalized case, Timbercon adapter kits are available in standard and custom configurations.

Timbercon also offers customized adapter kits for specific customer/application requirements. Contact your Timbercon representative for additional details.

*MTP® is the registered trademark of US Conec Ltd.


  • Top quality components
  • Connect multiple connector types with one kit
  • Single Mode or multimode applications
  • Reference chart included for easy adapter identification
  • Compartmentalized case provides safe component storage and simple organization
  • Small, durable case for easy portability


  • Testing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Component integration


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