Custom Cable Assemblies, Patch Cables, Loopbacks and More

Timbercon excels in the design and assembly of custom and COTS fiber optic and hybrid solutions to meet your strictest requirements. Our highly skilled Engineering and Support teams have vast experience with virtually every cable, connector or component out there.

Cable Assemblies & Harnesses

Timbercon offers a wide range of custom and COTS fiber optic and hybrid cable assemblies and harnesses, and can design and source any fiber type, connector or component your design or application requires. From custom harsh environment cable assemblies and rugged transitions to polarization maintaining fiber and high-density breakouts, we do it all!

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Passive Optical Assemblies

Timbercon passive optical assemblies utilize the latest in precision technology, and include products such as fiber optic couplers and splitters, variable attenuators and fixed attenuators.

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Timbercon Armadillo loopbacks are designed and manufactured to provide a cost-effective and easy-to-use method of testing a wide variety of equipment, systems, and networks, while maintaining performance and durability. We also offer a range of other loopbacks such as 12 and 24-fiber MTP/MPO loopbacks, electrical loopbacks and more.

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Glass Processing Solutions

Timbercon offers glass processing solutions, allowing you to better control beam characterization to suit your specific fiber or fiber-laser application needs. Customized ball lenses, end caps, axicon probes, tapers and more allow you to collimate, diverge or converge your beam, giving you control of spot size, focal length, numerical aperture and power density.

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Fiber Management

Timbercon fiber management products are designed as an ideal solution for data center, storage area, and local area network environments, and enable you to organize, protect, and increase connectivity. Integrating high-performance pre-populated cassettes with advanced ribbon fiber backbone cable products, this system is simple to use, fast to install, and offers an error-proof solution with factory terminated and tested connections.

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Box Builds

Timbercon offers an array of COTS and custom fiber optic box builds, including network simulation modules, automated variable optical attenuator units, custom-designed hybrid and FBG sensor boxes and more.

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Fiber Optic Kits

Each of Timbercon’s adapter kits, attenuator kits, and cleaning kits include an assortment of top-quality components, a quick reference chart for easy component identification, and a durable plastic case designed to keep your kit organized, protected, and portable. Timbercon kits are available in a variety of standard sizes and configurations to suit most applications. If your application requires a custom kit, Timbercon can design, build, and package a kit specifically tailored to your requirements. Contact your Timbercon representative for additional details on custom kits.

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Other Products

A variety of other fiber optic products are available from Timbercon, including bare fiber polishing, fiber bragg grating sensor technology, and plastic optical fiber, to name a few. Can't find what you're looking for? Please contact us for the fiber optic or hybrid solution you need.

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OEM Part Numbers

Try searching our extensive OEM part number database for a Timbercon equivalent replacement.

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