Bare Fiber Polishing

Timbercon bare fiber processing is available with an array of options to suit any need or application. Bare fiber optic cables can be terminated, polished, or prepared for pig-tailing. This fiber is primarily used for connecting equipment on one end to a light source on the other. Timbercon fiber is available in both single mode, multimode, and polarization maintaining with any standard and/or custom connector.


  • Custom polish types & options
  • Clean room ready
  • Ruggedization
  • Attenuation options
  • Connector options
  • Jacketing options
  • PM alignment options



  • On-site, precision manufacturing
  • Specialty fiber expertise
  • Custom angle polish
  • Limitless customization


  • Network splicing
  • Packaging applications
  • Pig-tailing
  • Security connections
  • Medical industry
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