Tac-4, Tac-6, Tac-12 Fiber Optic Cables

Timbercon offers several types of TAC (hermaphroditic), deployable, harsh environment cable assemblies. These connectors were developed in conjunction with the United States Army and designed to meet the needs of the future battlefield. Using a sealed free-floating termini and keyed system based on industry standard fiber optic ceramic ferrules, TAC-4, TAC-6, TAC-12 Cables built by Timbercon offer a reliable, cost-competitive solution for deployable fiber optic systems where hermaphroditic flexibility is a must. Timbercon terminates all TAC-4, TAC-6, TAC-12 Cable assemblies in our factory on custom, automatic polishing equipment.


  • Series of 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 & 24 channel connectors compatible with SMPTE compliant to Standard 328M-2001
  • Blind mate, genderless interconnect used for mating multiple cables in ganged assembly configurations for deployable systems
  • Wall-mount and jam-nut receptacles also available for traditional gender mating
  • Corrosion, shock, and thermal resistant to several MIL standards
  • Available in aluminum (hard-anodized) and 303 & 326 Stainless Steel connector bodies
  • Water pressure sealing up to 25 psi for 48 hours
  • Uses MIL-T-29504/14 & /15 front release termini


  • High quality & reliable – US assembled using domestic and foreign components
  • Certified for harsh environments
  • Consistent and reliable performance from precision engineering

With precision optical alignment, ruggedized packaging, and technical superiority, Timbercon TAC-4, TAC-6, TAC-12 Cables are ideal for any operation requiring military-grade or Broadcast fiber optics.


  • Broadcast
  • Harsh environment
  • Telecommunications
  • Deployable broadcast networks and video transmission systems
  • Emergency restoration systems
  • Armored applications
  • Outdoor Events
  • Military – mobile tactical field usage
  • Shipboard – pier-side ship-to-shore communications
  • Aerospace
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