Modular Deployable Reel System

Timbercon’s Modular Deployable Reel System (MDRS) is a lightweight cable deployment system designed for demanding, harsh environment fiber optic mobile installations. The system includes many features unique to tactical fiber optic cable applications that are not offered by traditional metal style reels. It’s ideal for applications where cable needs to be deployed and retrieved quickly.

Timbercon’s MDRS is constructed of high-impact glass reinforced polymer materials that are durable, yet lightweight. A retractable crank and handle system allows operators to easily rotate the reel during payout or take-up.


  • Fabricated with high-impact glass reinforced polymer material
  • Integrated cable payout and storage area
  • Lightweight retractable crank and handle system
  • Tested in accordance with military specifications (MIL-R-3241E) for cable reels
  • Accommodates two (2) .50 to 2.1″ diameter integrated connectors


Reel Part Numbers
706-0026-01Miltac Backpack Reel, 500M 5.5mm OD
706-1000-01Reel, 1000M, small round shaft
706-0100-01Reel, 100M. small round shaft
706-0300-01Reel, 300M. small round shaft
706-0500-01Reel, 500M. small round shaft
706-0750-01Reel, 750M, small round shaft


Accessory Part Numbers
706-0052-01       Cradle for 1000M Reel
706-100003Case with 1000M Cradle
706-0500-03Case with 500M Cradle
706-0750-03Case with 750M Cradle
706-0029-01Tripod, 300M, No Brake
706-0042-01Tripod, 500M, No Brake
706-0100-02Tripod, 100M with Brake
706-0300-02Tripod, 300M with Brake
706-0500-02Tripod, 500M with Brake


  • Glass reinforced polymer construction is durable, lightweight and resistant to rust
  • Small lengths of fiber cable can be paid out without un-spooling the entire payload
  • MDRS design meets or exceeds all MIL-R-3241E requirements
  • Accessory options include transit case, tripod and cradle system


  • Military
  • Harsh Environment
  • Broadcast
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