ARINC 801 Connectors

Timbercon now offers ARINC 801 fiber optic cable assemblies for commercial aviation and military applications. Timbercon’s ARINC 801 assemblies are available in multimode and single mode configurations with up to 32 channels. The precision optical insert enables assemblies with low insertion loss (0.3dB max.). They are offered in a standard ultra-polish or angle polish for those applications requiring low backreflection.

Timbercon’s fiber optic cable assemblies are available in standard wall mount or jam nut receptacles and plugs. They use traditional D38999 backshells and accessories and are available with a wide variety of cable lengths, cable types (including FAA approved), and commercial connectors. Easy to maintain, the assemblies feature a removable alignment sleeve retainer (ASR) for termini end face cleaning. The terminus can also be inserted or removed from the connector with a standard size 16 contact insertion/removal tool.

Features & Benefits

  • Removable ASR for easy cleaning
  • Excellent optical performance through precision alignment
  • Scoop proof design as seen in D38999 connectors
  • Arrangements of up to 32 channels of fiber
  • Able to utilize an extensive suite of 38999 backshells and accessories
  • Utilizes the standard M81968/14-03 insertion & extraction tool
  • Genderless temini design
  • Crimped termini available for additional pull strength
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