MIL Termini

M29504/14 and M29504/15 military termini from Timbercon are qualified to MIL-PRF-9504B specifications. This series of fiber optic termini provides superior optical and mechanical performance and is compatible with M28876, D38999, M83526, and Hermaphroditic style connectors.

Timbercon utilizes precision components and manufacturing processes with all MIL termini products, ensuring each product complies with very strict tolerances and specifications, yielding better overall performance under stressful environmental conditions.

The M29504/15 features a ceramic alignment sleeve maximizing its ability to hold extremely tight dimensional tolerances while maintaining accurate concentricity, providing superior mechanical and optical performance.

Customer Feedback

“The 18″ ST to 29504/5 jumpers look great―Very professional.”

Ted D.
Pratt & Whitney Measurement Center


  • Pre-radius zirconia ferrule tip
  • Captivated split zirconia sleeves
  • Wide configuration selection
  • Superior optical performance
  • Custom sizes available
  • Integrated environmental seal on each terminus

Timbercon has developed custom polishing fixtures and processes for the key military fiber optic termini. We support a wide range of fiber core sizes and polish requirements.

With precision optical alignment, ruggedized packaging, and technical superiority, Timbercon MIL Termini are ideal for any operation requiring military-grade fiber optics.


  • Pre-radius connector tip provides optimal insertion loss performance
  • Captivated, split sleeve provides precision ferrule alignment
  • Custom sizes allow for each product to be ideally suited for each application
  • Integrated seal promotes product longevity and performance in adverse conditions


  • Shipboard
  • Aerospace
  • Ship to Shore
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