Multi-Fiber Distribution Cable Assemblies

Timbercon multi-fiber distribution cable assemblies combine the bandwidth capacity of several individual cable assemblies into a single, convenient, easy to use and install assembly. Multi-fiber distribution cable assemblies are traditionally used in backbone, premise distribution, and interconnect applications which require multiple fibers to be routed together from point-to-point.


Customer Feedback:

We received the fiber cables and they are already in place. I want to thank you for your honest and efficient help. I can promise you this– if our office needs any fiber optic products in the future, they will come from Timbercon. I truly appreciate it.

Benton C., U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


  • Single cable assembly with multiple fiber terminations
  • Industry standard and custom polish types
  • Multiple fiber construction types
  • SC, LC, ST, FC, MT-RJ, and MU connector options
  • Definable cable and breakout style/length
  • Product customization

Timbercon Multi-Fiber Distribution cables are designed to offer a high degree of flexibility through available features and options, allowing each cable to be manufactured to fit the exact application. With the multitude of applications and requirements most Multi-Fiber Distribution cables have, Timbercon has established an extensive list of standard options ensuring each cable is designed and built to fit your need.

Multi-Fiber Distribution cables are available in single modemultimode, and laser optimized fiber types, multiple jacket/construction types for different applications, fiber count from 4-144 fibers, SC, LC, ST, FC, MT-RJ, and MU connector types, and breakout style/length.

Pulling Eye Option

For easier installation and/or routing of your
multi-fiber distribution cable, Timbercon offers a pulling eye option which can be installed on any cable prior to leaving the factory. Contact your Timbercon representative for additional information on pulling eye options.


  • Convenient, easy to install and maintain
  • Standard and custom precision polishing guaranteed to meet or exceed application requirements and industry standards
  • Multiple connector types allow cable to interface directly with other devices/equipment, eliminating the need for adapters
  • Cable length and cable breakout will be built to fit your application
  • Product customization allows virtually any part of the product to be designed and built to provide the ideal solution for those very specific, tight tolerance applications


  • Outside plant
  • Premise networks
  • Aerial distribution
  • Communications closet/NOC
  • Interconnect
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