High-Reliability, Engineered Medical Fiber Optic Solutions

Timbercon offers high-quality, engineered fiber optic medical solutions, from light pipes and high-power laser fiber assemblies to equipment interconnects, probes and scopes. Our high-touch Engineering and Support teams have the experience and in-house resources to ensure that your fiber optic solution meets the exact requirements of your application.

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Choosing the Right Medical Grade Fiber Optic Cable: Sterilization

Choosing the right fiber optic cables for your medical device can be impacted by the techniques used for packaging and sterilization. Contact Timbercon today to ensure that your cables are designed with the perfect fiber optic cable for your device the first time, every time.

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High Bandwidth Fiber Optic Cables for Medical Datacom

Timbercon brings medical-grade manufacturing design and production expertise to medical imaging.  Whether you need fiber optic design or build services for MRI, CT or PET we can help.  Contact us today for a free design consultation or quote.

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Zero Defect Manufacturing for the Medical Device Industry

Timbercon brings the principles of Zero Defect Manufacturing to medical device manufacturing! See how receiving parts that are right the first time, every time can reduce costs and improve product quality. Because your clients and patients deserve the best in fiber optics.

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Expanded Beam Fiber Optic Connectors for Medical Devices

Expanded beam connectors continue to grow in popularity – but why? Using these connectors allows for fiber optics to more easily handle dust, debris, and other contaminants in a clinical setting. But what are the tradeoffs? How do you know which connector best matches your application? Timbercon knows expanded beam connectors – and our component agnostic approach means that we always choose the best connector for YOU.

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Choosing the Right Medical Grade Fiber Optic Cable: Pistoning

Timbercon is frequently involved in novel fiber optic cable designs for cutting edge technologies. Solving problems that inevitably occur with new designs requires creativity and experience in your engineering team. Read this story on how Timbercon’s engineering team helped solve a difficult problem due to fiber pistoning.

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