High Bandwidth Fiber Optic Cables for Medical Datacom

High Bandwidth Fiber Optic Cables for Medical Datacom


Timbercon offers fiber optic cables that power the data architecture in the world’s most advanced clinical diagnostic systems. Diagnostic imaging systems are placing increasing demands on the data architecture of Positron-Emission Tomography (PET), Magnetic Resonance Imaging  (MRI) and Computerized Tomography (CT) systems. Improvements in speed and resolution of scanning technology lead to increased bandwidth requirements in modern clinical systems, more than can be handled through traditional copper-based wiring. The increased data available is also making the development of sophisticated AI algorithms for analysis more and more common, leading to improved patient outcomes. This conjunction of AI and higher bandwidth is increasing adoption of medical-grade fiber optic cabling, in lieu of traditional electrical systems.

While increased data fuels the ability to perform increasingly sophisticated diagnoses, patients are demanding faster systems that provoke less anxiety than traditional radiology or MRI. This effort requires increasingly compact systems where electromagnetic interference is more of a concern than ever before. Fiber optic cables are largely immune to the effects of electromagnetic energy, and may not require maintenance for the useable service of the instrument.  The use of medical-grade fiber optic cabling also means that increased size and weight of electromagnetic shielding is typically unnecessary.

medical fiber optics for diagnostic imaging

Timbercon already fuels the data and performance needs of the world’s most sophisticated and demanding aircraft. Now, this same level of technology can meet the needs of demanding medical engineers, at a surprisingly affordable price. Timbercon can help with all levels of the design and manufacturing process. Our expert fiber optic consultants can leverage their expertise to ensure that your initial data interconnect designs exceed the system requirements. Our engineers will help select from the highest quality fiber optic cabling and connectors to ensure a robust, zero-defect design that meets your system’s budgetary requirements. Once a theoretical design is finalized, manufacturing can scale with your needs. Prototypes and lower volumes will be manufactured at our US-based manufacturing facility to ensure quick delivery, high quality and rapid design iteration. Timbercon now has access to Radiall’s global network of low-cost manufacturing sites to ensure that your high quality, zero-defect design meets delivery and volume requirements as system sales grow.

Timbercon is bringing the world’s most advanced fiber optic technologies with zero defect manufacturing to the medical market. With growing demands to integrate software and hardware, let Timbercon help meet your fiber optic design and production needs. Contact us today to get a free design consultation or assembly quotation to improve the performance, efficiency and reliability of your medical fiber optic data connections.

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