Fiber Optic Couplers & Splitters

Versatile, Precise, and Compact

Timbercon’s fiber optic couplers and splitters utilize precision technology to combine or distribute light from single/multiple inputs to single/multiple outputs. Most couplers and splitters are designed bi-directionally, enabling the same product to be used as a coupler or a splitter.


  • Single Mode, multimode, and PM fiber types
  • Multiple port configurations
  • Compact size
  • Various coupling ratios, 50:50 to 1:99
  • Multiple packaging options
  • PC, UPC, and APC connector polish types
  • Available with FC, SC, ST, LC, and MU terminations

Timbercon Couplers and Splitters are available in a variety of styles, sizes, port configurations, split values, and wavelength specifications allowing a high degree of flexibility in tailoring the product to suit your precise requirements and application.


  • Versatile – can be used with multiple fiber types for a variety of applications
  • Port configuration options creates ideal option for specific requirements
  • Small size reduces physical space requirements
  • Highly definable coupling ratios enable product to serve precise need
  • Packaging designed to deliver on size, shape, or ruggedness requirements defined by the particular project
  • Connector and polish options allow seamless integration into existing systems


  • Telecommunications systems
  • Digital and hybrid video systems
  • CATV systems
  • Sensors
  • Central office
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