Glass Processing Solutions: Shaped and Fused Fiber

Timbercon offers glass processing solutions, allowing you to better control beam characterization to suit your specific fiber or fiber-laser application needs. Customized ball lenses, end caps, axicon probes, tapers and more allow you to collimate, diverge or converge your beam, giving you control of spot size, focal length, numerical aperture and power density.

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Glass processing products include:

  • Ball lenses
  • End caps
  • Axicon probes
  • Tapered fiber
  • Offset splices
  • Wedge tapers
  • Polarization maintaining fiber splicing


Glass processing shaped and fused fiber optic products include:

  • Ball lenses: Ideal for coupling light into fibers, or focusing or collimating light, depending on the geometry of the input source.
  • End caps: Greatly improve power handling by reducing laser power density and increasing the spot size to a level below the damage threshold at the fiber end.
  • Axicon probes: Have a small focal length, resulting in a small spot size with very high power density and very quick light diversion.
  • Tapered fiber: Enable efficient power coupling between non-identical fibers.

In addition to the above products

Timbercon will work with our customers to develop the following solutions for your fiber and fiber-laser applications:

  • Offset splices
  • Wedge tapers
  • Polarization maintaining fiber splicing
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