Stainless Steel Polarization Maintaining Cables

Timbercon Stainless Steel Polarization Maintaining Cables (SS PM) offer superior durability and longevity while providing the precision and performance required by the most demanding applications.

Timbercon Stainless Steel PM Cables incorporate traditional cable assembly design with flexible stainless steel jacketing, making the product ideal for use in exposed cable routing, industrial device connection, and applications where crush resistance, bend radius, and pull strength are a concern. Additionally, ruggedized PM cable assemblies can be pig-tailed to active devices or used in traditional PM cable assembly applications.

Timbercon ruggedized PM cable assemblies are available in actively or visually aligned fast, slow, and custom axis configurations. Connector configurations include ST, FC, and associated hybrid connector combinations with panda, bowtie, and ellipse fiber from 633nm to 1550nm.


  • Ruggedized construction
  • Low insertion loss
  • -35 to -65dB return loss
  • Active or visual alignment
  • Slow, fast, or custom axis alignment
  • High extinction, 25-31 dB
  • UPC and APC polish
  • Multiple connector options


  • Improved durability with ruggedized construction
  • Quality construction ensures low insertion loss
  • Axis alignment options allow easy integration with existing systems
  • Multiple connector options for added flexibility and interconnect options


  • Specialty photonics
  • Telecommunications
  • Sensing
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