Timbercon fiber optic interconnect solutions can be used to link similar medical machines, complementary devices or other data communications systems together.


Network or signal simulation can be used in medical signal testing, training, demonstration, and diagnostics of equipment, networks, and physical infrastructure applications.


Fiber optics for medical sensing applications are used to communicate with a sensor device, or use a fiber as the sensor itself, to conduct continuous monitoring of physical, chemical, and biological changes in the subject or object of study.


Typically used in OEM medical component connections, fiber optics provide high bandwidth, EMI and RFI immunity, and compact packaging, enabling product designers and manufacturers to offer a small, lighter, and higher performance finished product.


Timbercon fiber optic imaging solutions such as medical scopes are designed and fabricated to very strict tolerance, ensuring each image guide will meet or exceed your requirements.


Timbercon fiber optic illumination solutions provide a clean, cold light to be routed, targeted, focused, and/or directed to very specific hard to reach locations or areas, particularly useful in medical applications such as light pipes.

Research & Development

Fiber optics play a large role in the research and development that occurs in a variety of industries. The common research and development applications are in the medical, educational, defense, government, aerospace, industrial, chemical, semiconductor, and environmental industries.

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