Rugged Commercial Fiber Optic Products

Rugged Commercial Fiber Optic Products

Timbercon fiber optic products are used in a variety of applications requiring rigorous testing and harsh environment performance to ensure reliability and performance in the field.

Timbercon utilizes high-reliability fiber optic connectors in its fiber optics to produce precision alignment of optical fibers. Connectors with polarization keys and keyways are manufactured to exacting tolerances to reduce radial misalignment and insertion loss.

Many fiber optic applications are highly specialized, often with very specific project and scope requirements. One of Timbercon’s specialties is the development and manufacturing of application-specific products for harsh environments. Timbercon has the resources, expertise, and experience to design, develop, manufacture, install, and maintain the ideal fiber optic product for your application.

See our catalog for pricing on select products that represent the breadth of Timbercon’s design manufacturing capabilities.

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