Fiber Optic Imaging

Fiber Optic Imaging

Fiber optic imaging is used for a myriad of applications across several different industries. The concept of fiber optic imaging uses the optical transmission properties of fiber to transmit an image from end to end. To accomplish this, most imaging applications use an image guide or coherent bundle to collect an image of the target or subject area, then relays that information to the view end for interpretation.

Timbercon imaging products are designed and fabricated to very strict tolerance, ensuring each image guide will meet or exceed your requirements. If your application requires a customized, or custom designed image guide, Timbercon can assist you with every aspect from initial concept through manufacturing and implementation.

Imaging applications require individual fibers to be aligned, fused, and bundled to function correctly as an image guide. Bundling is necessary as a single fiber optic cable is only capable of reproducing a single color of varying intensity, based on what it received from the source or subject area. By bundling several, in some cases thousands of identical individual fibers, an image guide or coherent bundle relies on each fiber to focus on reproducing a single color, but collectively the bundle reproduces the target subject exactly.

Fiber optic imaging is used in a wide variety of industries including the semiconductor and medical industries. Imaging is also used for measurement and has enabled advancements in science and manufacturing previously not possible with older technologies.

Bandwidth and application differences, between copper and fiber optic cabling

Fiber Optic Cables < 10 GHz Data Communications, Broadcast Most bandwidth. Fastest transmission speeds. Immune to EMI/RFI. Difficult to terminate. Most expensive cost / foot.
Twisted Pair Cables (Unshielded Copper) < 100 MHz (Cat 5E) Structured wiring in local area networks Inexpensive. Relatively easy to install and terminate Maximum distance of 100m. Can be affected by EMI/RFI.
Coax Cable (Copper) < 1 GHz (RG6) Cable TV, Broadcast, Test and Instrumentation Inexpensive. Relatively easy to install and terminate. Can span longer distances than UTP.

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