Fiber Optics for Education

Fiber Optics for Education

Educational institutions are finding many ways to apply fiber optic technology on their campuses. From research and classroom applications to setting up networks to connect students, administrators, professors and researchers, fiber optic technology is gaining popularity amongst colleges and universities.

Students, professors and researchers are using fiber optics in their studies of topics from radiation and atmospheric science to medical sciences to oceanography.

With virtually every research and development application being unique in nature, the fiber optic products required to support these applications are also unique.

Timbercon specializes in application specific and custom product design, development, and manufacturing. Our fiber optic technologies have been designed to allow a high degree of customization and specialty product development. This balance of high technology and customization capability enables Timbercon to ensure we can create the exact product with the precise tolerance your application requires.


Fiber Optics for Campus Networks

Universities and educational institutions are rapidly migrating to fiber optics for their campus networking needs. The cost of fiber optics is becoming much more affordable, allowing both public and private institutions to expand campus networks and reap the benefits of fiber optic technology.

Universities and other higher education institutions are deploying fiber to support campus LAN networks, and in some cases WAN networks, increasing bandwidth and speed for those both on and off campus. This increase in speed and bandwidth aids in accessing programs, databases, and file sharing in real-time, creating a virtual classroom regardless of your physical location.

Timbercon fiber optic products are designed and manufactured to optimize connectivity and performance for your application.

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