Choosing the Right Medical Grade Fiber Optic Cable Part 1: Sterilization

09/10/2020 | Medical

Sterilization methods can have a significant impact on the performance of fiber optic cables. How can you be certain that the sterilization method you choose won’t adversely impact the performance of your carefully designed medical device? How do you balance performance requirements of the fiber with the effects of packaging and sterilization? Timbercon can help [...]

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Choosing the Right Medical Grade Fiber Optic Cable Part 2: Pistoning

01/11/2021 | Medical

Solving Problems with Fiber Optic Cable Pistoning    The pace of innovation in the medical market is demanding, and no more so than in areas that require advances in diagnostic techniques. Timbercon has expertise in taking customer ideas or initial designs and providing accurate testing, rapid prototyping and the ability to move to large scale, [...]

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Design Concerns for Flow Cytometry

01/25/2021 | Medical

Authors: Mic Chaudoir, PhD, and Jerry Rosato Design Considerations for Clinical Flow Cytometry Medicine is moving into an area of increasingly personalized treatment plans. The data driving this revolution comes largely from single cell analysis. There are many ways to gather the necessary data, but flow cytometry and related techniques (cell analyzers) provide direct results, [...]

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Expanded Beam Fiber Optic Connectors for Medical Devices

10/14/2020 | Medical

New choices in expanded beam connectors minimize the impact of harsh environments on medical fiber optics Advantages and Challenges of Fiber Optic Cabling Fiber optic cables are replacing copper wiring in many medical devices due to fiber’s greater bandwidth, resistance to electromagnetic interference, reduced ferromagnetic content and lower weight. Fiber optic cables are, however, constructed [...]

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Glass Processing Solutions at Timbercon

01/03/2022 | Medical

Glass processing solutions allow for better control beam characterization to suit specific fiber or fiber-laser application needs. There are different customized glass processing products and solutions, including ball lenses, end caps, axicon probes and tapers. Glass processing solutions allow you to diverge or converge a light beam, giving better control of spot size, focal length, […]

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High Bandwidth Fiber Optic Cables for Medical Datacom

08/20/2020 | Medical

Timbercon offers fiber optic cables that power the data architecture in the world’s most advanced clinical diagnostic systems. Diagnostic imaging systems are placing increasing demands on the data architecture of Positron-Emission Tomography (PET), Magnetic Resonance Imaging  (MRI) and Computerized Tomography (CT) systems. Improvements in speed and resolution of scanning technology lead to increased bandwidth requirements [...]

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The World of Medical Fiber Optics

08/03/2022 | Medical

Fiber optics may be one of the most versatile forms of technology currently in existence. From computers to telephones, aviation to military defense, fiber optics can be utilized in a seemingly limitless number of applications. However, one field of fiber optic application that may be overlooked is the medical field. As it turns out, fiber […]

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Zero Defect Manufacturing for the Medical Device Industry

08/30/2020 | Medical

Does it ever feel like the rate of defective products in today’s manufacturing environment is getting worse, despite improved quality management systems? If you think that, you may be right! Today’s manufacturing environment has an increasing emphasis on smaller batches of parts created ever more quickly, for lower costs – which has led to an [...]

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