A Spotlight on Shipping at Timbercon

03/20/2022 | Manufacturing

Name: Michael Wilson Title: Inventory Control Supervisor Years at Timbercon: 5 years   Mike started at Timbercon in 2017 as an assembler, and has grown with the company over the years. He spent time as a line lead before moving into the shipping department. Now, Mike is the inventory control supervisor.  In his time at […]

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Glass Processing Solutions at Timbercon

01/03/2022 | Manufacturing

Glass processing solutions allow for better control beam characterization to suit specific fiber or fiber-laser application needs. There are different customized glass processing products and solutions, including ball lenses, end caps, axicon probes and tapers. Glass processing solutions allow you to diverge or converge a light beam, giving better control of spot size, focal length, […]

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Overmolding in Fiber Optics

05/23/2022 | Manufacturing

If you’ve never heard of overmolding before, you might be surprised to learn that you’re probably more familiar with it than you think. This process has become commonly used for a variety of products and you likely use items every day that are overmolded. For example, if you have ever held a plastic toothbrush, a […]

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The Difference Between Loose Tube & Tight-Buffered Cables

07/11/2022 | Manufacturing

The world of fiber optics is vast and contains a wide spectrum of variations, specs, configurations and applications. While the scope of possibilities may seem overwhelming at first, there are some distinctions that will assist in choosing the desired specifications for your ideal product. One of these distinctions is the construction style of the cable […]

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