Fiber Optic Cable Connectors

Fiber optic Cable connectors are Hardware installed on Fiber cable ends to provide cable attachment to a transmitter, Receiver or other cable. In order for information to be transmitted efficiently, the fiber cores must be properly aligned. They are usually devices that can be connected and disconnected repeatedly.

There are many types of Fiber Optic Cable connectors:

  • ST Connectors: Slotted bayonet type Connector with long ferrule. Common connector for mulitmode fibers.
  • FC Connectors: Screw on type connector. Popular with single Mode fibers.
  • SC Connectors: Push/pull connector that can also be used with Duplex fiber constuction.
  • LC Connectors: Much like the ST connector but with a Ferrule that is half the size.
  • MT-RJ Connectors: Connector configured for duplex fibers with both fibers in one ferrule.
  • MU Connectors: Much like the SC Connector but with a ferrule about half the size.

Fiber Optic Cable Connectors
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