Fiber Optic Cable Assembly

A length of Fiber optic Cable that has been terminated with a connector, Pigtail or other component.

There are many types of Fiber Optic Cable connectors used in Cable Assemblies:

  • ST Connectors: Slotted bayonet type Connector with long ferrule. Common connector for mulitmode fibers.
  • FC Connectors: Screw on type connector. Popular with single Mode fibers.
  • SC Connectors: Push/pull connector that can also be used with Duplex fiber constuction.
  • LC Connectors: Much like the ST connector but with a Ferrule that is half the size.
  • MT-RJ Connectors: Connector configured for duplex fibers with both fibers in one ferrule.
  • MU Connectors: Much like the SC Connector but with a ferrule about half the size.

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