The Need for Speed in Data Communications

The Need for Speed in Data Communications


With the constant advancements of technology, user expectations are rising. People essentially carry computers in their pockets that are expected to communicate and receive data in real time. In pursuit of faster communication and data transfer, electronics are getting smaller – requiring higher bandwidth, better performance and higher transfer rates. 

While information is transferred wirelessly from point A to point B, the most important information travels through datacom cables. The cables are able to transmit signals without the need of electricity or voltage. 

Today, the need for speed is greater than ever, and data centers are in demand of shorter, high-speed signal paths. Timbercon products offer cost-effective and long lasting solutions that keep up with these evolving market trends. 

High-speed Data Cables

Creating a high-speed data cable solution requires both design and size optimization. When choosing fiber optic cables, it is critical to consider the distance between transceivers, bandwidth, cable size, durability and cost. 

When you require higher bandwidths over longer lengths, laser-optimized fiber optic cables are needed to reduce the risk of data loss. Longer cable lengths will have higher loss and, in the case of multimode cables, higher attenuation. In order to prevent degrading the signal quality, Timbercon offers optical cables that ensure minimal data loss. 

At Timbercon, we specialize in designing and manufacturing custom-engineered fiber optic solutions to meet customers’ exact application needs, on-time and on-budget. Whether you need a complex assembly designed from scratch or have a design ready, our engineers and support teams will work to bring you the solution that you need. Timbercon’s experts can help you consider the things that affect cable performance, like fiber specification, construction quality and installation. 

Data Transmission

Depending on your particular application or system requirements, Timbercon data transmission cabling can take many forms from basic simplex (SX) or duplex (DX) cable assemblies to ribbon fiber distribution cables, and various combinations of customized products.

With 25 years of fiber optic experience, we provide a range of products that serve and solve datacom industry needs, providing the connection that you need. We are a one-stop shop for datacom fiber optics, AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified and ITAR registered. 

Supporting 400G Applications

The next step in high speed data is 400G, an evolving fiber optics technology that will help solve datacom challenges – such as massive bandwidth demands and the need for faster capacity connectivity. Due to the increasing traffic demands, 400G is seeming to be the next generation of cloud infrastructure. This emerging technology can bring power, efficiency and density to current and emerging markets. 

400G technology offers lower costs, lower power consumption and faster data transfer speeds. Compared to 100G Ethernet ports, 400G is 4 times faster.

At Timbercon, we create innovative solutions to support 400G applications. We offer 400G and 800G rated cables, as well as optical and electrical loopback capabilities. From QSFP-DD form factors to LR4 with Duplex LC, we deliver applications for all major transceiver interfaces.  

Custom solutions are also available for 400G and 800G applications. Timbercon uses MT/MT cables, Armadillo optical loopbacks and electrical loopbacks to best suit your needs. 

Contact us today to get a quote for your 400G solutions!

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