Solving Datacom Challenges with 400G

Solving Datacom Challenges with 400G


People are expecting more and more capabilities out of their technology. As seen in the telecom industry with the rise of 5G, networking applications, data centers and other datacom customers are seeing a demand for higher data transfer rates. The next step in high speed data is 400G. It’s an evolving technology in fiber optics that can solve real problems the datacom industry is facing today.

What is 400G?

With a huge increase in maximum data transfer speeds, 400G addresses the demands network infrastructure providers are seeing. With cloud storage, artificial intelligence and machine learning all growing, large data centers need to transition to faster, higher capacity connectivity and infrastructure to keep up with the user, device and application demand.

Putting 400G to Work to Solve Problems

Data center servers are nearing their current limits, as traffic demands continue to increase each year. 400G solutions can help industries with the ongoing growth, demand and challenges. It can bring power, efficiency and density for current and emerging markets.

The IEEE standards for 400G technology shows that there are a few key benefits to using 400G in solving today’s data challenges:

  • Lower costs: A single 400G port with optics costs less than 4 individual 100G ports with optics.
  • Lower power consumption: A single 400G port uses less power than the aggregate power of 4 individual 100G ports.
  • Faster data transfer speeds: 4 times faster speed than 100G Ethernet ports
  • Future evolutions: 400G speeds allow for enhanced resilience and scalability 

Making 400G a Reality

At Timbercon, we can support 400G applications. We have 400G and 800G rated cables, as well as optical and electrical loopback capabilities, that can help make your 400G vision a reality.

Timbercon uses the MSA standard 16F MT format with multimode fiber with angled polish. With MT/MT cables, Armadillo optical loopbacks (16F, MMF, 0dB to 20dB), and electrical loopbacks, we can help design a custom solution for both 400G and 800G applications. Timbercon offers all the terminations that make your 400G network connect. Delivering connections for all major transceiver interfaces from QSFP-DD form factors that incorporate SR8 with MPO-16 to LR4 with Duplex LC. 

Available TransceiverData RateMediaConnector
DR4+ (4xFR1)400GSMFMPO-12
FR4400GSMFDuplex LC
LR4400GSMFDuplex LC
PLR4 (4xLR1)400GSMFMPO-12
SR4.2400GMMF (OM5)MPO-12
FR8400GSMFDuplex LC
LR8400GSMFDuplex LC
ZR400GSMFDuplex LC
DR1100GSMFDuplex LC
FR1100GSMFDuplex LC
LR1100GSMFDuplex LC
2x LR4200GSMFDuplex CS
2x CWDM4200GSMFDuplex CS
2x SR4200GMMFMPO-24
2x 4WDM-10200GSMFDuplex CS
PAM4 Dual Lambda100GSMFDuplex CS

With 25 years of experience working on fiber optic solutions, Timbercon provides a range of products that serve the military and aerospace community, as well as medical, industrial, datacom and telecom industries. Having joined forces with Radiall in 2020, we have access to high volume facilities around the world. Contact us today to get a quote to make 400G possible for your organization.400G may only make up the core of your network, and you may still need 100G connections to support the aggregate of data along the network breakout. Timbercon supports those connections too. Whether you need a Duplex CS for a 2x LR4 or a MPO-24 for a 2x SR4, Timbercon has the connections needed.

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