A Spotlight on Design Engineering at Timbercon

A Spotlight on Design Engineering at Timbercon


Name: Ian Haas

Title: Design Engineer III

Years at Timbercon: 6 years


In March, Timbercon received a Supplier of the Year award from BAE Systems, Inc. Our Design Engineer Ian Haas has worked on projects with BAE Systems for about 5 years, and has been instrumental in helping them get the products and support they need.

I am proactive in seeking out solutions to problems,” said Ian. “When something comes up on a program, I try not to simply bring the issues up. I try to have a couple solutions to offer the customer to help make a quick decision that will work for everyone.”

With design engineering, Ian said it’s important to look for the intent behind every detail. This gives him and other design engineers the opportunity to present possible solutions to challenges that may otherwise be overlooked. “If the customer is asking for green colored jacketing, I am asking why and if it’s critical to the design,” he said. “This allows me to look at other possible solutions that might have been overlooked. That type of cable may not be offered in green but it is in yellow.”

Providing this kind of knowledge and expertise to our customers is what makes the engineers at Timbercon special. They can help identify the right products and design custom solutions to meet the needs of each application our customers bring to us.

If you have a unique application you need help with, reach out to Timbercon to learn how our design engineers like Ian can help you create the exact fiber optic solution you need.

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