Optical Shutter

Optical shutters are used to modulate optical beams or particle streams. By modulating optical beams or particle streams, optical shutters allow these signals to be measured accurately in environments with high ambient noise.

Optical Fiber Transmission systems are becoming widely used in the transmission of signals such as data, voice and the like and, in many instances, are replacing traditional electrical systems. The optical Connector used in optical Data transmission has a basic configuration including a combination of a case having an insertion hole to where the plug of the Optical Fiber Cable is inserted and an optical element arranged at the back of the insertion hole SO as to optically couple with the plug inserted into the insertion hole of the case. Among optical connectors which belong to rectangular optical connectors, some connectors are provided with a shutter for closing and opening an insertion and extraction Port for a plug serving as a counter optical connector. The optical shutter assembly usually includes a shutter electromechanical drive and a shutter mechanical drive extending from the shutter electromechanical drive to the shutter. The shutter is pivotably mounted to its support, and the shutter electromechanical drive is mounted close to, but not integral with, the shutter.

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