MTRJ Connector

MT-RJ stands for Mechanical Transfer Registered Jack. MT-RJ is a fiber-optic Cable Connector that is very popular for small form factor devices due to its small size. Housing two fibers and mating together with locating pins on the plug, the MT-RJ comes from the MT connector, which can contain up to 12 fibers.

The MT-RJ is one of the newly emerging small form factor connectors that are becoming more common in the networking industry. The MT-RJ utilizes two fibers and integrates them into a single design that looks similar to a RJ45 connector. Alignment is completed through the use of two pins that Mate with the connector. Transceiver jacks found on NICs and equipment typically have the pins built into them.

The MT-RJ is commonly used for networking applications. Its size is slightly smaller than a standard phone jack and just as easy to connect and disconnect. It’s half the size of the SC Connector it was designed to replace. The MT-RJ connector is a small form-factor Fiber optic connector which resembles the RJ-45 connector used in Ethernet networks.

Compared to single-fiber terminations such as SC, the MT-RJ Connector offers lower Termination cost and greater density for both electronics and cable management hardware.

The MT-RJ Connector is significantly lower in cost and smaller in size than the SC Duplex interface. The small MT-RJ Interface can be spaced the SAME as copper, effectively doubling the number of fiber ports. The net effect is a Drop in the overall price per fiber Port making fiber-to-the-desktop solutions more competitive with copper.

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MTRJ Connector
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