Fiber Optic Devices

Fiber optic devices can be applied in a variety of industries and settings.

  • Medical
    • Can be used as Light guides, imaging tools for hard to see areas (endoscopy) and also as lasers for delicate surgery.
  • Defense/Government
    • Can be used as hydrophones for seismic and SONAR uses.
  • Data Storage
    • Fiber optic mediums are used for Data transmission.
  • Telecommunications
    • Fiber optic mediums are used throughout communications as a means relaying signals over a long distance to connect city telephone systems.
  • Networking
    • Used to connect Users and servers in a variety of Network settings and help increase the speed and accuracy of data transmission.
  • Industrial
    • Fiberscopes and borescopes can be used to see and inspect hard to Reach areas.
    • Can be used in sensory devices to test temperature and pressure where conventional means of measuring are not able to be used.
  • Broadcast/CATV
    • Broadcast/cable companies are using Fiber optic Cables at an increasing rate to better connect homes to services.

Fiber optics has uses in lighting, imaging, hydrophonic, gyroscopic and sensory applications as well as for decorative purposes.

Fiber Optic Devices
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