Dielectric Coatings

Thin film coatings made of Transparent Dielectric materials for Laser mirrors or anti-reflection coatings.

Dielectric coatings, also called thin-film coatings or Interference coatings, consist of thin layers of transparent dielectric materials, which are deposited on a substrate. Their function is essentially to modify the reflective properties of the surface by exploiting the interference of reflections from multiple optical interfaces. They can be used for highly reflecting laser mirrors or partially transmissive output couplers, for dichroic mirrors, for anti-reflection coatings, for various kinds of optical filters, beamsplitters, heat reflectors, solar cell covers, and thin-film polarizers. While simple single-layer coatings are often used as anti-reflection coatings, Dielectric Mirrors normally use dozens of thin-film layers, sometimes even more than 100.

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