Gigabit Ethernet

Gigabit Ethernet

Gigabit Ethernet solutions have become a necessity with the accelerating growth of LAN traffic, pushing network administrators to look for higher speed network technologies to meet the demand for more bandwidth.

While most copper systems will support Gigabit Ethernet, fiber optics provide a much higher degree of flexibility and future bandwidth/speed expansion as opposed to its copper counterparts. Generally, copper will support Gigabit and multi-gig transmission rates, but only for very short distances. Copper is affected by EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radio frequency interference). Fiber opics will support Gigabit and multi-gig transmission for both short and long distances, with immunity to EMI and RFI, making fiber a more suitable solution for a number of applications.

Gigabit Ethernet applications supported by fiber optics are now transmitting signal reliably at 10Gbps, up to 10,000 meters using single mode systems, and well over that for Gigabit and multi-gig transmission rates. With multimode systems, fiber optics will push 10Gbps transmission between 26 and 300 meters, depending on the fiber type and core size.

While fiber optics provide some clear advantages over copper legacy technology, most systems using fiber today also use copper at the end user point, creating a hybrid system for data transmission. The advantage in utilizing a hybrid system exists by leveraging the bandwidth and EMI/RFI advantages of fiber for the longer length and main distribution legs of the network, while using copper for the very short desktop and non-backbone connectivity, allowing a very easily routable and inexpensive connectivity solution without implementing desktop media converters.

Timbercon designs, develops, and manufactures fiber optic Gigabit and multi-gig Ethernet solutions in a multitude of styles, sizes, lengths, and application specific features. Whether you need a multi-fiber backbone cable for campus or WAN type applications, or a simple duplex patch cord for a high speed server-to-server link, Timbercon has a product to suit your needs.

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