Fiber Optics for Network Equipment

Fiber Optics for Network Equipment

Fiber optics are used for a wide variety of applications in the network equipment market. Typically, fiber optics are used as internal components or interconnects associated with the finished product.

With the ever-increasing bandwidth requirements of FTTx and broadband services, more and more network equipment manufacturing companies are using all-fiber transport internally and externally for switch, router, director, SAN, and NAS applications. These all-fiber systems offer a very versatile connection medium to other commonly used devices at the end-user premise.

Generally, these applications use fiber cabling and interconnects designed around industry standards. However, some equipment and/or applications require fiber cabling products to be customized to ensure optimal performance or to meet space or physical constraint limitations.

Timbercon manufactures a wide variety of products to suit various applications within the network equipment market. We specialize in developing and manufacturing product solutions for even the most specialized and requirement intensive applications.

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