FTTx (Fiber To The X), most commonly covers FTTh (Fiber To The Home), FTTc (Fiber To The Curb), FTTp (Fiber To The Premises), and FTTd (Fiber To The Desk) applications running from the central office or head-end to business, residential, or multi-unit dwellings.

FTTh indicates fiber network connections running from the central office to a residence, or very small multi-unit dwelling.

FTTc indicate fiber network connections to a network enclosure located at, or near, a property street/curb location, from which copper based networks generally connect to the end user

FTTp is used for business, commercial, and institutional applications where fiber network connection(s) are distributed to a campus, set of structures, or high density building with a centrally located network operations center.

FTTd indicates applications where a fiber optic connections are distributed from the central office to individual workstations or computers inside a structure, dwelling, or building.

FTTx applications require a wide range of products from multi-fiber trunk cables to standard simplex cable assemblies, and most everything in between. Timbercon makes a number of products supporting FTTx requirements from central office all the way to the subscriber location.

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