Custom & Rugged Cables for HDTV

Timbercon’s fiber optic product manufacturing provides a vast array of broadcast and harsh environment solutions to meet and exceed customer expectations. Timbercon is the only U.S. manufacturer certified to connectorize both Lemo and Canare SMPTE (304) connector types as well as Furukawa, Canare, and Mohawk fiber types. Our assemblies include standard cables, SMPTE 311M hybrid cables using SMPTE 304M connectors and ruggedized cables for harsh environment as well as providing innovative connectivity solutions and products for virtually any broadcast application. Custom cables use the highest quality optical fibers and connectors, and are produced for rapid field deployment.

Harsh Environment Friendly

Timbercon Broadcast Products are rigorously tested and certified specifically for harsh and rugged broadcast environments. These durable connectors are extra resistant against the daily wear and damage of broadcast use, including being stomped on, pulled, kinked, driven over, or other minor accidents. Broadcast cables are designed to military standards, and are perfect for outdoor events and redeployable communication systems.

Harsh Environment Cables

Timbercon offers several types of deployable, harsh environment cable assemblies. Timbercon harsh environment products are designed and manufactured specifically for use in adverse conditions and harsh environment applications. Each product is tested and certified to very strict tolerances and rigorous specifications, ensuring acceptable performance, durability, and longevity in the field.…

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