Harsh Environment

Timbercon harsh environment products are ideal for fiber optic cables, harnesses and systems operating in conditions such as extreme high/low temperatures, shock, vibration, radiation, corrosive conditions, high electromagnetic interference (EMI), high radio-frequency interference (RFI), and/or pressure extremes.


Timbercon designs and manufactures high-reliability fiber optic interconnects that can be used to link similar machines, data communications or other complimentary devices together.


The U.S. military requires fiber optic technology for a wide variety of air, sea, ground, and space vehicles. Timbercon utilizes high-reliability fiber optic components and connectors in its military fiber optics to produce precision alignment of optical fibers. Connectors with polarization keys and keyways are manufactured to exacting tolerances to reduce radial misalignment and insertion loss.

Aerospace & Avionics

Timbercon’s aerospace and avionics products are designed to provide maximum performance and durability in the harsh conditions and demanding environments found in most aerospace and avionic applications.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Fiber optics are utilized as the primary communications conduit between ground control and the antenna controlling the UAV, providing a very fast, secure and efficient means for transmitting a very large amount of data over long distances.


Whether you are at a military field base or a data center, network or signal simulation can be used for testing, training, demonstration, and diagnostics of equipment, networks, and physical infrastructure applications.


Timbercon utilizes fiber optics for sensing applications such as perimeter security monoring and other applications where the fiber itself is the sensor, conducting the continuous monitoring of physical, chemical, and biological changes in the subject or object of study.


Fiber optics can be used in many imaging applications, including security and perimeter scopes, and any other application where secure and space-saving fiber optics are needed to transmit an image from one end to another.

Ship to Shore

Timbercon ship to shore fiber optic solutions are designed to provide data, phone and other services to docked ships via umbilical cable to landline connection. These connections allow high speed, high bandwidth communications to and from the vessel, without using shipboard wireless transmit/receive systems.

Defense and Government

Timbercon fiber optic products offer precision optical alignment, ruggedized packaging, technical superiority, and limitless customization options, providing an ideal product solution for your application or requirement.

Test and Measurement

The test and measurement industry is comprised of services providers, equipment manufacturers, and end users that offer solutions for optical testing, simulation, and diagnostics and troubleshooting of products and/or networks. These products and services are designed to provide a simple and efficient method for conducting all types of testing and maintenance procedures.

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