Timbercon’s Broadcast Cables for the 2010 Winter Olympics


Timbercon, Inc., a fiber optic products and services company providing a vast range of connectivity solutions, announced today that they have delivered a significant number of broadcast fiber optic cables for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The SMPTE 311M cables have been provided to several companies for implementation at a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor venues at the Olympics. These cables utilized Lemo SMPTE 304M connectors with Furakawa as well as other hybrid Optical Fiber cables on deployable reels for connection to High Definition TV (HDTV) cameras providing coverage of the Winter Olympics. Also supplied were ruggedized MTP® cable assemblies to support the Olympic Broadcasting infrastructure.

“We have now provided SMPTE cables for the Summer and Winter Olympics as well as the last two (2) Presidential Inaugurations,” said Nolan Pitts, Account Manager for Broadcast products, “This makes Timbercon very proud to be an integral part in bringing history to everyone’s living room.”

*MTP® is the registered trademark of US Conec Ltd.

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