Timbercon Supplies Industrial Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

Timbercon Supplies Industrial Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies


Timbercon now offers ODVA™ (Open DeviceNet Vendors Association) compliant environmentally sealed fiber optic cable assemblies for a variety of industrial applications. The fiber optic assemblies are offered with bayonet-locking connectors with low cost rugged plastic shells to provide a quick mating/demating interconnect solution that withstands extreme environments.

Ideal for Fiber-to-the Antenna (FTTA), industrial Ethernet, broadcast and other industrial applications, these pre-terminated assemblies can support dual LC or MTP®/MTP® Elite connectors with up to 48 fiber optic channels. Timbercon assemblies are available with single mode or multimode (OM1-OM4) cable in different length options and UPC or APC polishes. Sealed to IP68 rating, the receptacle assemblies can be supplied with a rear- mount hexagon flange or front-mount square flange to support different installation requirements.

Timbercon’s factory pre-terminated interconnect solution eliminates the need for on-site termination while providing low insertion loss assemblies and facilitating network deployment.

ODVA™ is a trademark of ODVA, Inc.
MTP® and MTP Elite® are registered trademarks of US Conec Ltd.

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