Timbercon Offers Recertification Services


Timbercon, Inc., a fiber optic products and services company providing a vast array of connectivity solutions, today announced that they will be offering recertification services to customers. Timbercon will offer these services to customers regardless of manufacturer as part of a preventative maintenance plan. Recertification is a cost-effective way to keep fiber optic products in good operating condition, greatly reducing the opportunity for a product to fail during a critical operation.

Timbercon recertification services focus on examining, testing and documenting products for mechanical and optical performance. This ensures that the possibility of product failure during operation is at a minimum and that operating costs are also kept to a minimum. Upon completion of the recertification process the product receives an updated performance/test report and a ‘re-certified’ status.

Timbercon, in addition to the recertification process, can repair or replace customer products to ensure they meet performance specifications once recertification is complete.

Recertification is of particular importance for products used in testing, such as master calibration cables and loopbacks. Recertification assures the legitimacy of the test process and ensures that the highest quality products are being used for any customers testing application. This helps avoid false failures which can decrease yield numbers.

Timbercon develops ongoing maintenance and recertification programs catering to the needs of each particular client and their project requirements. This ensures their products are performing at an optimum level throughout the product.s lifecycle and minimizes the chances of product failure during operation.

In addition to recertification, Timbercon also offers test and analysis services. This allows for non-Timbercon manufactured products to be tested to our high standards. Testing for insertion loss, back reflection, attenuation, interferometric geometry and extinction ratios (for PM cables) is available.

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