Timbercon Intros HSSDC2 Loopback


Timbercon, Inc., the fiber optic product and solution manufacturing company providing a vast array of connectivity solutions, introduces its High Speed Serial Data Connection 2 (HSSDC2TM) loopback designed for testing electrical signals in high speed networks and systems. The HSSDC2 loopback utilizes a smaller form factor connector than the current HSSDC loopback.

Timbercon HSSDC2 (High Speed Serial Data Connection 2) loopback is a small, copper-based test fixture, featuring an HSSDC2 interface, rugged metal housing and quick thumb-release lever. Typically used in testing, measurement and diagnostics applications, these loopbacks support multiple protocols with speeds up to 2.5 Gbps.

The new HSSDC2 loopback is an addition to the company’s Armadillo optical and SFP electrical loopback product lines. The HSSDC2 loopback loops a signal from the transmit side of a port to the receive side, simulating a complete connection.

The HSSDC2 Loopback is an ideal product for use in Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet applications including server I/O chassis, switches and network adapters for storage arrays. They are specifically designed to support copper implementation of Fibre Channel, InfiniBandTM and other serial data applications requiring high speed data transfer rates over long distances. “The HSSDC2 loopback provides users with a simple, efficient and easy to use method of testing send/receive ports on equipment utilizing the HSSDC2 form factor,” mentioned Sean Gitt, director of marketing for Timbercon. Timbercon HSSDC2 loopbacks are designed and manufactured to provide a cost effective and easy to use method for a variety of testing, diagnostics and measurement applications, from single port testing to board, hub and system level testing.

HSSDC2 is a registered trademark of Tyco Electronics. InfiniBand is a trademark of the IBTA (InfiniBand Trade Association).

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