Timbercon Introduces the Laser Optimized Armadillo Loopback


PORTLAND, OR – July 13, 2004 – Timbercon, Inc., an industry leader in the supply and manufacturing of custom fiber optic products and solutions, introduces the laser optimized multimode Armadillo loopback; engineered for premium performance with (LOMMF) laser optimized multimode fiber systems in gigabit and 10 GbE applications.

Timbercon laser optimized Armadillo loopbacks offer a premium solution for testing and measurement of laser optimized systems and sub-systems by incorporating the same (DMD) differential mode delay elimination technology used in Timbercon (LOMMF) laser optimized multimode fiber optic cable assemblies. The extension of laser optimized technology in to the Armadillo loopback creates the opportunity for complete systems to run laser optimized fiber from end to end. In addition to laser optimized systems, laser optimized Armadillo loopbacks can be used with most traditional multimode and some single mode systems.

Laser Optimized Armadillo loopbacks are designed to support laser optimized networks and sub-system, ensuring low (DMD) and optimal bandwidth accessibility. Available in 62.5m fiber, or 50m fiber for bandwidth intensive application, laser optimized Armadillo loopback terminations include both SC and LC in standard and custom configurations.

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