Timbercon Introduces OTDR Delay Module


Timbercon, Inc., the fiber optic product and solution manufacturing company providing a vast array of connectivity solutions, introduces their Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) Delay Module, designed to eliminate the dead spot associated with OTDR testing for optical network analysis.

Timbercon’s OTDR Delay Module is used to create a sufficient lead or distance from the OTDR to the fiber cable or network under test. This added distance enables the OTDR to accurately analyze short length fibers accurately and more effectively.

OTDR’s analyze fibers and optical networks by measuring the backscatter of light. The characteristics of the light reflected are analyzed in order to determine the location of any fiber breaks or other faults in the fiber cable. OTDR’s are commonly used for testing both long distance and short distance fiber cables to ensure adequate performance from splices and connections in the network.

Timbercon’s OTDR Delay Modules are well suited for use with either relatively short fiber cables or networks and are able to locate individual events, such as bad connections or splices, and bends or breaks in the fiber where light may be lost.

The OTDR Delay Module is constructed with a portable rugged enclosure with several fiber lengths, ideal for either laboratory or field applications. Each Delay Module is available in one or two channel configurations with single mode or multimode fiber, and a variety of connector options.

“Timbercon’s OTDR Delay Module provides a simple, portable, and easy to use solution for eliminating OTDR dead spots in optical testing and analysis,” stated Sean Gitt, Marketing Director for Timbercon. “With several standard and custom options available, we have a delay module to fit just about every OTDR and application on the market.”

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