Timbercon Increases MT Elite Cable Assembly Production Capaci


Timbercon, Inc., a fiber optic products and services company providing a vast range of connectivity solutions, announced today the increase in capacity of their MT Elite cable assembly production line. This increase in capacity will allow Timbercon to meet the ever rising demand for MT Elite products.

Timbercon MT Elite assemblies are designed and manufactured to ensure optimal performance with very tight tolerance requirements and low loss applications. MT Elite products are designed to provide signal transport and distribution capabilities with the same small form factor and high-density considerations as traditional MT products, while maintaining very stringent loss budgets, less than 0.35dB.

“Timbercon MT Elite assemblies provide our customers with an ideal solution for applications where both connector density and very low insertion loss are of critical importance,” says Nolan Pitts, key account manager for Timbercon. “This increase in production capacity will enable us to keep pace with the increasing demand for these prodcuts.”

MT Elite products are available in 4, 8, and 12 fiber count single mode 9.0µm assemblies, with a number of jacketing, breakout and connectorization options.

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