Timbercon Expands Network Simulation Module Product Line


Timbercon, Inc., an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of custom fiber optic products and solutions, has expanded its network simulation product line to incorporate custom attributes and application requirements designed to emulate specific network structures and profiles.

“The product line expansion adds an infinite number of options to the network simulation module product enabling each client to specify exact performance characteristics,” mentioned Sean Gitt, director of marketing for Timbercon. “Whether it’s a custom enclosure, a specific event, multiple connection requirements or something else entirely, the Timbercon network simulation module can support it.”

Each network simulation module can be designed and built to emulate virtually any network or scenario. Specific events at defined locations (distances), multiple connection types or multiple channels with varied lengths or a combination of all are increasingly sought after options. Timbercon’s network simulation modules are available in any length, with standard enclosures supporting lengths up to 200 kilometers.

Timbercon standard network simulation modules are available with multiple channel counts, connector types and fiber options allowing for high-degree of application specific performance while making them easy to integrate into existing systems.

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