Timbercon Announces the SFP / SFP+ Host Test Board

Timbercon Announces the SFP / SFP+ Host Test Board


Timbercon, Inc., a fiber optic product and solution manufacturing company, announced today the availability of their new SFP/SFP+ Host Test Board. The Timbercon SFP/SFP+ Host Test Board facilitates the testing and programming of Timbercon’s SFP / SFP+ Electric Loopback as well as SFP/SFP+ transceivers.

Timbercon launched their SFP+ Electric Loopback last month and was approached by numerous customers with the need to program custom memory maps and test the functionality of their existing transceivers. Timbercon has been using the Maxim referenced design SFP/SFP+ Host Test Board during the development of the SFP+ Electric Loopback and has decided to produce the board for sale to customers that utilize SFP/SFP+ Electric Loopbacks and SFP/SFP+ transceivers. Existing users of SFP/SFP+ transceivers will be able to perform incoming inspection of devices prior to incorporation in equipment as well as analyze design changes or system modifications made to existing equipment.

The SFP/SFP+ Host Test Board comes complete with Timbercon proprietary operation software and a user manual to enable SFP/SFP+ programming and testing. The board features transmit, receive, computer interface, reference clock, and power supply ports. The SFP/SFP+ Host Test Board is designed to simulate an ideal environment for SFP/SFP+ module testing using Rogers 3003 PC board material and single-ended micro-strip transmission lines. These properties make the Host Test Board as electrically transparent as possible, allowing a more accurate assessment of the SFP/SFP+ modules’ performance.

“The SFP/SFP+ Host Test Board is the latest innovation the testing and programming product line from Timbercon to meet our customer requirements.” said John Lee, VP of Sales and Marketing for Timbercon. “As the industry progresses from 4 gHz to 10gHz to 40Ghz and even 100gHz, Timbercon will be at the forefront of technology with our customers to provide innovative solutions for their testing requirements.”

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