Timbercon Announces the New MT Ruggedized Coupler/Splitter Configuration

Timbercon Announces the New MT Ruggedized Coupler/Splitter Configuration


Timbercon, Inc., a fiber optics product and solutions manufacturing company, announced today the availability of a new MT Ruggedized Coupler/Splitter configuration for a variety of applications and industries. Timbercon is widely known for their production of MTP® cable assemblies for commercial applications and now adds this new configuration to meet their customers’ specific requirements for harsh environments.

“This new MT Ruggedized Coupler/Splitter configuration enables us to address the difficult issues our customers face in demanding applications, particularly in the military and defense industries,” said John Lee Jr., Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “This product allows the use of a high density MT ferrule with loose tube fiber that is able to withstand a variety of extreme conditions.”

Timbercon’s Coupler/Splitter is used to either combine two or more signals into one, or more commonly, split one signal into multiple paths. The standard MTP Coupler/Splitter is available in 1×2, 1×3, and 1×4 configurations with eight, 12, or 24 ribbonized fibers. (For example, if a standard 12 fiber signal is input into the system, it can be split into 24, 36, or 48 signals coming out of the system in sets of 8 or 12 fibers). Both multimode (OM2 or OM3) and single mode fiber options are available with standard or elite ferrule. The new MT Ruggedized Coupler/Splitter can be custom configured for many applications and packaged in individual modules, combined in bench-top, or in 19” rack-mount configurations (as shown).

*MTP® is the registered trademark of US Conec Ltd.

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