Timbercon Announces Delivery of 50,000,000 Meters of Fiber


Timbercon, Inc., Timbercon, Inc., a fiber optic products and services company providing a vast range of connectivity solutions, announces today that they have surpassed delivering 50,000,000 meters of fiber to their customers.

“After delivering several miles of fiber to a customer today, we decided to determine how much fiber we have delivered over the past 12 years. To our surprise, we have delivered over 50,000,000 meters which is greater than the circumference of the earth,” said John Lee, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Timbercon. “Many of our Network Simulation boxes contain 200 Km of fiber and our Armadillo Loopbacks only contain a few inches, but added with all of our fiber optic cable assemblies the overall length of fiber is tremendous”

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