Timbercon Announces 3D Rapid Prototyping Capabilities

Timbercon Announces 3D Rapid Prototyping Capabilities


Timbercon, Inc., a fiber optic product and solution manufacturer headquartered in Lake Oswego, Oregon, announced today the immediate availability of 3D Rapid Prototyping capabilities for fiber optic cable assemblies.

The 3D Rapid Prototyping Dimension 768 system uses a patented process to heat ABS plastic to a semi-liquid state and deposit it in thin layers to form a three dimensional part from standard 3D CAD Models. The maximum part size that can be manufactured is 8”x 8”x 12” with a layer resolution of 0.010”. The ABS plastic provides excellent rigidity and comes in standard colors of black, green, red, steel gray, white or yellow.

“This technology can be used to develop prototype concepts or low volume production components,” said Brendan O’Dea, Design Engineer. “We have used this capability for several months during equipment evaluation and it has already proven to be an invaluable tool for development of customized fiber optic cable transitions, fiber connector housing components, tooling fixtures, and visualization aids.”

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