Timbercon Adds Bare Fiber Processing Capabilities


Timbercon, Inc., a fiber optic products and services company providing a vast array of connectivity solutions, today announced the availability of bare fiber processing designed to optimize bare fiber coupling efficiencies for a variety of precision optical applications.

Timbercon bare fibers offer a specialized and highly customizable solution to applications requiring precision conical, chiseled, angled or flat fiber tips. In addition to improving coupling, bare fibers can be lensed eliminating the need for discreet lens systems for some applications. Traditionally used for optoelectronic and passive device termination, custom bare fibers are now being utilized in a number of communications, medical and sensing applications.

Bare fiber processing is an extension of Timbercon’s existing custom product and service offerings, focused on providing customized solutions for a wide range of application specific requirements. “By adding bare fiber processing to our existing capabilities, we can provide our customers with a complete menu of options for highly specialized fiber prep, device termination or pigtailing applications,” states Sean Gitt, marketing director for Timbercon.

Timbercon bare fibers are available in single mode, multimode and polarization maintaining fiber types with a variety of standard and custom polishes, angles and lensed end finishes.

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